Inktober 2016

I participated in Inktober this year for the first time and it was a blast. I made 29 drawings (other drawings were made aside from Inktober and one was a two day affair) focusing on hand-lettering with a splash of illustration. Here's the outcome in no particular order...
Always Art
Maker of Things
Hello World!
The Elmargo Kids (this is the neighborhood I grew up in)
Everything Ends Eventually
Lost My Words
Go Fuck Yourself
You're A-OK!
Pointing is Fucking Rude
Art Club (a really cool art critique group I belong to)
Las Societe Des Createurs (something cool I'm trying to start up)
Ephraim, WI
Carolyn (was my mom's name)
DRAW (a quick one for the last day)
Josie (my daughter)
Lilah (my youngest daughter)
Denfather badge...Denfather is a personal brand I'm cooking up.
Perdido en un Cielo
Retrato de un Tonto
Holy Shit
DF (for Denfather)
Fuck It (homage to "The Big Lebowski")
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