24 Circles and Diamonds

24 Circles and Diamonds made with graphite on paper.

This series explores the illusion of control and the imperfections inherent within each work. None of the drawings are perfect and that is exactly what makes them beautiful.  The attempt at perfection reveals each drawing’s humanity.
By using simple shapes such as a circle and diamond and a set of predetermined rules for each drawing, I am able to pare the creative process down to its essential elements, focusing on the variations within each work.
Working in this restrictive manner has allowed me to forge a direct dialogue between idea and action while creating a narrow and specific creative state to escape into. Inevitably, the creative action in its attempt to solidify the idea on the page falls short of recreating the rules initially set forth. Yet within this structure, I am able to coax something human out of the process, reaching a unique conclusion by infusing those initial ideas/rules with time and labor.
I’m also interested in the solace and difficulties inherent to repetitive mark making. Each drawing requires large amounts of actual labor, which makes them both physically and psychologically challenging. The ritual-like mark making is simultaneously tedious and therapeutic, providing me an escape from the world.
Each drawing is 21" x 21" and made using graphite on paper. I began this series in 2012 and finished in 2014.
Installation view at Cathedral Square for 2014 Artprize.
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