The Mory Family Crest

A family crest for my wife on Valentine's Day.

This was a Valentine's Day 2016 gift for my wife. We have a daughter, Josephine, and another child on the way in April. Since we didn't find out the sex for either child we gave them "working titles", hence the name "Blanky" (as in a blank space where the future name would go...clever, I know) and Apricoty (we just thought that was kind of cute)...I'll update this when the new baby comes! My goal was to create a keepsake for my wife, using our colors and style. Basically this is our shared history, including our family (my step mom and her family, as well as my mom who passed away), our ideals, special places, our wedding song and wedding day. After having kids, it is easy to momentarily forget the history you and your partner shared as the focus turns to family. So for this piece, I really wanted to pack as much tiny information as I could so that we could spend a little time with it and fondly remember our roots. The "Mory" logotype (our last name) is a hand-drawn, custom type treatment using a display script I've been developing for graphic design use. I love making logos and icons, so trying to pack all of this information into a heart shape was a fun and exciting challenge, born from a deep love for my wife daughter and family!
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